QLMTELDENT The New Revolution In Dentistry

What if you can see a dentist without having to go to the dentist.
Welcome to QLMTELEDENT - The new revolution in dentistry.


"Half of adults failing to go to the dentist" - Telegraph
“In the past two years approximately 50 per cent of adults and a third of children haven’t seen a dentist.
Routine visits to the dentist are vital to maintaining good oral health."  - Telegraph

-Some don't have the time...too busy at work, business, family etc.
-Some out of fear ...just the thought of the dental chair is enough to put some people off.
-Some just don't remember...six months passes and then another six month and before you know it, one or two years have passed.
-Of the other 50%, 40% of them don't like going to the dentist anyway!
-That leave just 10% that like going to the dentist....didn't want to leave you guys out  🙂

Does any of the above relate to you?

What if you can see a dentist without having to go to the dentist (for basic check-ups, advice etc) or only have to visit a dentist when you really need to?

How much time would that save?

With the outbreak of COVID-19, Teledentistry via QLMTELEDENT is the perfect, safe and easy way to see your dentist without leaving home.
And beyond COVID-19, it will be a great time saving method to help you keep on top of your dental care.
(Do you have a dentist that is not on the QLMTELEDENT programme? Recommend that they join the programme immediately.)


------------------------>>Intraoral Camera
Video Dental Appointment

Simply contact one our QLMTELEDENT Qualified Dentists via our QLMTELEDENT VIRTUAL PLATFORM and save time with basic check-ups advice and even certain treatments, subject to professional dental advice.

Using QLMTELEDENT is easy, simply create a free account, select one of our listed dentists, book a QLMTeledent video appointment, you will receive an intraoral camera in the mail (shown above) to use, while being supervised by your dentist, during your virtual teledentistry appointment. On the date of your teledentistry video appointment, click on your appointment link on your mobile phone, tablet or computer at the appropriate date and time and have your QLMTeledent video dental appointment with your dentist from wherever you are.

QLMTELEDENT - Simple, Easy and Saves Time.

Need a dentist? 




The QLMTeledent platform can be used for dental assessments with photos and videos taken by the patient themselves, or through existing dental records taken by a dentist in person and examined remotely.



The QLMTeledent platform  can be used when a patient is in pain and needs antibiotics to cure an abscess, a prescription can be provided remotely (if the diagnosis is carried out using audio-visual methods) instead of sending the patient to their GP, or doing nothing and having someone in terrible pain until they can have a physical appointment.



The QLMTeledent platform when used in Teledentistry is a cost-effective way to monitor dental treatments, especially in the case of orthodontics. It’s a fantastic way for a dentist to supervise and monitor the progress of teeth movement remotely, without having to call the patient in every month.



Apart from oral hygiene routines, other cosmetic dentistry treatments that have been carried out successful using The QLMTeledent platform and Teledentistry are Supervised Teeth Whitening with custom teeth whitening trays and Orthodontics using Invisible Braces and self-impression-kits.